Mercedes me: My Vehicle and I

With Mercedes me, you can stay connected like never before. Innovative online services keep you in touch with your vehicle, and your vehicle connected with everything that’s important to you. Accessible via the most convenient devices including mobile, tablet or PC, Mercedes me makes it possible to enjoy the highest standards of care and support in a way that fits comfortably with your lifestyle.

Mercedes me Standard Connect Services

Form a real bond with Mercedes me connect. From discovering how many miles you’ve travelled to checking that all-important fuel level, Mercedes me makes Mercedes-Benz ownership hassle-free. You can even check the tyre pressure or lock the car door from your smartphone depending on your individual needs, concerns or queries at any given time.

Mercedes me connect standard services help with diagnostics if you breakdown or have an accident. Services include Maintenance Management, Telediagnostics, Breakdown Management, Accident Recovery and the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system.

Mercedes me Adaptor

If your car doesn’t come with Mercedes me connect functionality, you can still enjoy the benefits. With the Mercedes me adaptor you can connect your Mercedes-Benz to your smartphone. Find out everything you need to know about your vehicle and trips, use the Park and Find functionality, set reminders for appointments and vehicle checks and get help when needed on-the-go.

We’ll fit and initialise the adapter free of charge for you – so contact us today for more information.