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With LSH Auto Motability, you can enjoy a hassle-free leasing experience which includes servicing and MOTs. Basic maintenance for wear and tear is included in the deal, giving you peace of mind and helping you to avoid additional charges.

What is normal wear and tear?

Cars on the Motability Scheme are typically leased for three years at a time. During this period, it’s normal for light scuffing, scratching or stone chipping to occur, particularly on the bodywork, wheels, interior trim and luggage areas. So, there’s no need to worry if you start to notice slight deterioration that might need attention.

Damage caused by wheelchairs, callipers, crutches or walking sticks is usually also classed as fair wear and tear too. More serious damage, however, might not be covered by the Motability Scheme. This includes:

  • Deep dents and scratches on bodywork that go through to the metal
  • Severe cracks on bumpers and mirror housings
  • Irreparable damage such as burns or tears to the interior
  • Heavy gouges to alloy wheels or plastic trim

Please be aware that if your car is seriously damaged when you return it to us, you may be required to cover the costs.

Minor damage

You might choose to ignore minor damage connected to general wear and tear. But, if you do decide to have it repaired, you can make a claim through RSA Motability (RSAM). You’ll need to pay an excess amount which will depend on the age of the driver. Please refer to the details provided in your insurance policy document.

Please avoid making repairs or touch ups yourself as this could lead to further damage.

Mechanical faults

A mechanical fault indicates a system issue. A vehicle inspection will be necessary, so contact your local LSH Auto dealership for assistance.

Recurring problems

Speak to the LSH Auto team about any recurring problems. One of our expert mechanics will inspect your vehicle and iron out any issues.

Windscreen and windows

The sooner windscreen damage is dealt with the better as it will prevent the problem from escalating. The quicker you call us, the more chance we’ll have of repairing your windscreen. If your windscreen needs replacing, this will require an excess payment of £50; however, the cost of any repairs are included as part of your lease.

Please note that windscreen chips located directly in front of the driver are considered hazardous if they are more than 10mm in diameter, so it’s important to get them fixed.

Insurance claims

Please refer to your insurance booklet for full details of what’s covered. Repairs covered by your insurance should be done by an RSA Motability recommended repairer.

For more information about Motability faults and damage, contact the LSH Auto team today.


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