Getting Your New Motability Car

It is an exciting time to get your next car as you will have access to the latest lineup of Smart models and will, if appropriate, benefit from new vehicle adaptations. There are some things to worry about during the three months leading up to the end of your lease term, from choosing your next car in advance to making sure you are still eligible for the scheme and checking your information with the DVLA and the UK Department for Work and Pensions or Veterans.

You must also make sure it has a valid MOT certificate before you return your car. This is expected as part of the terms and conditions, with the lease package covering general wear and tear repairs. If you have re-applied the scheme with your dealer, you will also obtain a new PIN, which will make it easy to sign all the necessary paperwork for your next vehicle.

Day of collection

Be sure to carry your new PIN as well as everything belonging to the vehicle, such as the manufacturer's handbook and spare keys, when the day comes to pick up your car. Verify that you and/or your nominated drivers are on the insurance cover notice and update your LSH Auto details so that, if necessary, we can contact you with important information.

The final move is to enjoy the full glory of your new mobility car. All of our dealership's Smart models radiate elegance and sophistication by versatility and come fitted with the new mod-cons, including smart infotainment systems such as MBUX.

Contact us today to find the next vehicle for mobility and book a virtual demonstration.

Collection Day
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