BYD Finance

Driving a BYD is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. And at LSH Auto we want you to benefit from every angle. That’s why we offer a wide range of finance options to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Our BYD financing solutions include:

Personal Contract Plan

A Personal Contract Plan (PCP) allows you to finance your BYD over a fixed term. Simply decide how much deposit you want to put down, the term of your agreement and expected mileage. We can then calculate your monthly payment plan.

The great thing about a PCP is that you essentially defer your decision about ownership until the end of the agreement. When your financing term is up you have three options:

  1. Purchase your vehicle
  2. Hand back your vehicle
  3. Part-exchange for a new vehicle

At LSH Auto, our Optional Purchase Payment solution also allows you to buy your BYD outright and guards against depreciation costs. It lowers monthly payments too, as you will only need to finance the depreciation.

BYD Personal Contract Hire

Again, if you’d rather lease a BYD than own one outright, Personal Contact Hire is an option. With this, you lease the luxurious vehicle of your choice for an agreed period. Monthly payments are based on your annual mileage and include the cost of your Road Fund License.

At the start of your agreement you pay an advance rental upfront. Your monthly rentals are based on the difference between the initial value of the car and its projected value at the end of your agreement. Monthly payments are kept to a minimum as you’re only paying for depreciation.

Contact LSH Auto today for more information about our BYD financing solutions.​