Charging Your Vehicle

One of the first questions asked by any motorist looking to switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle relates to charging. After all, a large proportion of - if not all - power needed to operate your vehicle will come from an electricity source, so knowing what options are available is essential. With the range of hybrid and electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and LSH Auto, you can rest assured that there will be charging solutions - both private and public - to ensure you’re never without power.

Mercedes-Benz Electric Charging
Mercedes-Benz Electric Steering Wheel
Mercedes-Benz Electric Charging

Charging Stations

Thousands of public charging stations can be found throughout the UK, many of which offer fast charging to get you on the road quickly. These can be found at motorway service stations, supermarkets, gyms, workplaces and more. 

EQ Optimised Navigation

With the EQ Optimised Navigation system in new Mercedes-Benz models, you will be able to plan journeys to get the most out of your charge and locate the nearest charging point with a minimum of fuss.

BP Chargemaster

For those seeking a home charging solution, the BP Chargemaster 7kW Homecharge system represents the ideal option for your electric Mercedes-Benz. Fast, efficient and cost-effective, this charging point costs as little as £399 including a £500 OLEV EVHS grant from the UK government. As such, you can be confident that you’ll be securing great value for money when it comes to running costs of your electric/hybrid vehicle.

You can learn more about any of the charging options available for your Mercedes-Benz by contacting the team at LSH Auto today. Based in Birmingham and Manchester, our dealerships will provide a warm welcome and all the advice you need to make the perfect decision on choosing the model that best suits you. Get in touch now for more information.