EQ Boost range

As well as providing all electric and plug-in hybrid options, Mercedes-Benz also develops a selection of self-charging hybrid vehicles that require no manual charging. Providing you with improved acceleration, lower CO2 emissions, and better fuel economy, each vehicle in the lineup has been carefully engineered to ensure you will be able to experience a quality drive like never before.

This latest selection of models - known as the EQ Boost range - can be found detailed on this page. Each vehicle embraces innovative regenerative braking technology in order to convert energy lost through braking into an electrical charge for the battery. As such, they’re among the most efficient self-charging models around.

Click through the vehicles listed in order to learn more about the attributes that each car has to offer. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of the team at LSH Auto in Birmingham or Manchester to discuss the perfect hybrid option for you.