Visual Health Check.

Book a Visual Health Check on your Mercedes-Benz Van to ensure your van is safe and roadworthy.

Whether your van has been sitting idle for long periods, or you’ve been putting in extra miles over the past months, regular vehicle checks will keep your drivers and other road users safe. All for the low cost of £29.99.

We’re here to help keep you and your business moving safely.

Our Visual Health Check is a visual inspection of 28 critical maintenance points around your vehicle, spotting issues before they become a problem to reduce unexpected downtime or repair bills

Our Visual Health Check from LSH Auto is here to help and includes:

  • Brakes: front/rear pad wear, front/rear disc condition
  • Under vehicle: steering condition, suspension condition, drivetrain check
  • Under bonnet: brake fluid level, coolant level, V belt tension/condition, fluid leaks, battery security/condition
  • Wheel and tyres: tyre depth/condition
  • Exterior vehicle: windscreen condition, window condition, exterior mirror condition, wiper condition
  • Exterior lights: lights operation, lens condition
  • Interior vehicle: horn, washers, wiper operation, seatbelt operation/condition, parking brake operation

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