New and used electric vans from Mercedes-Benz

Available at LSH Mercedes-Benz vans

Discover the selection of electric and hybrid vans currently available from LSH Auto. Our range features some of the most fuel efficient and economical models available, all exuding the exacting standard for which the Mercedes-Benz name is known.


Providing all-electric and emissions-free performance, these efficient options embrace the very best in battery powered technology.

Eco-Boost range

The Eco-Boost lineup from the marque incorporates an effective 48-volt generator/motor for extra kick and better efficiency.

Benefits of driving electric

The benefits of making the switch to electric motoring are substantial, both for private motorists and those operating commercial vehicles. Models such as the Mercedes-Benz eVito Electric Panel Van and eSprinter Electric Panel Van offer a range of benefits, with such advantages extending to improved running costs and cheaper - or even free - road tax. If you’re operating a fleet of vehicles, therefore, the savings to be made are substantial.

Other advantages to adopting an electric van include playing your part in reducing the volume of harmful CO2 emissions being released into the air, while even the driving experience itself is rewarding. Electric vehicles are able to provide instant torque, while the quieter running will doubtless impress when you’re behind the wheel for long stretches, day after day.

Charging your electric van

Ensuring that your electric van is fully charged and ready for action at all times is simple, with a number of charging solutions available for use either at home or at your place of work. What’s more, government grants are available to help fund the installation, letting you take advantage of quality charging options for an affordable price.

Of course, in addition to all the latest home and workplace charging options, there’s a UK-wide network of charging points which gets bigger every day. More than 35,000 charging points are currently available, with high-powered solutions enabling you to achieve a quicker charge than you might expect.

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