Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans

When it comes to optimising your productivity and cutting your costs, choosing an electric van makes perfect sense for your business. Discover our Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans and services today.

The Benefits of Buying Electric.

Choosing an electric vehicle for your business doesn’t only mean you’re doing your bit for the planet. While zero CO2 and NOx emissions is a great reason to make the switch, there are other benefits too. Running and maintenance costs are lower, for example, and zero emissions means your tax and Benefit-in-Kind rates are lower. Not only that, choosing a pure electric vehicle entitles you to a government grant of up to £6,000 towards your purchase.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Zero-emissions travel
  • Lower running and maintenance costs
  • Lower road tax and Benefit-in-Kind rates
  • Government grants available
  • Simple to drive

Why switch to electric?

Switching to electric power has benefits beyond those relating to the environment. Find out more about them below.

    Lower Running Costs With electricity costs averaging just over 16p per kWh in 2021, fully recharging your Mercedes-Benz electric van costs less than £3.40. Plus, your road tax and Benefit-in-Kind rates are lower.
    All the Range You’ll Need With over 90 miles of range, the e-Sprinter and e-Vito offer urban businesses flexibility and freedom throughout the working day.
    Convenient Charging Mercedes-Benz offers free home charge point installation with van purchases, and with rapid DC charging available at public points, you can top your Panel Van’s battery up to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.

    Electric Vehicle FAQs.

    Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to electric vehicles. If you’d like further information, don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

    How do electric vans work?


    Electric vehicles use a battery and electric motor to power them, in place of a combustion engine. The battery must be recharged using an electrical source.

    How often will the battery need replacing?


    Electric vehicle batteries come with an extensive warranty – typically 8-12 years – so if you’re buying new, it’s unlikely you’ll need to replace the battery during ownership.

    Where can I charge my van?


    Your van can be charged using a home wallbox, or at a charging point installed at your workplace. Alternatively, there is a vast network of public charging stations, many of which offer rapid charging. This means you can recharge your vehicle in 30-120 minutes.

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