Mercedes PRO Connect

Enjoy a complete overview of every aspect of your fleet of vehicles with Mercedes PRO Connect. Mercedes PRO Connect allows you quick access to a full view of every vehicle across your business.

The only fully integrated telematics solution on the market, PRO Connect is enabling businesses to intelligently connect with drivers, vehicles and managers to receive real-time updates on the health of every vehicle, improving efficiency and keeping businesses mobile at all times.

It’s a new kind of digital revolution that allows you greater visibility of your fleet while also improving safety and maximising security. Mercedes PRO Connect is an integrated vehicle monitoring software so there are no costly installation fees for ‘black boxes’ or software subscriptions, just real-time and ultimate connectivity available via a desktop interface or a handy app.

The advanced suite of intelligent services in Mercedes PRO Connect offers you many benefits. More safety because you are able to monitor the function of critical parts such as brake fluid and brake pads, and you can access driver analysis data which will help you encourage safer driving. Plus, you benefit from the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call System for faster rescue times. You also have more security because you can see the location of all vehicles at all times via the PRO Connect app or desktop platform. And in the case of a potential theft, you can track the vehicle via live-GPS to aid recovery. Probably the biggest benefit is the improvement you can make to the efficiency of your fleet.

Mercedes PRO connectis made up of 3 elements

Features of Mercedes PRO Connect include:

Optimised Assistance

Scheduled and critical maintenance information, such as low brake fluid, will be automatically alerted to you and you will receive automatic roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Digital Data

The digital records will save you time and allow you to have full visibility of every aspect of every vehicle in your fleet. Completed trips are automatically tracked for improved record-keeping and easy separation of business and personal use.

Fleet Management

A full real-time overview of each vehicle's status, location, and fuel levels provides the most accurate and detailed data available, which will provide you with the opportunity to plan more effectively and be more responsive when deploying vehicles.

Driving Efficiency

Analysis of driving data will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in fuel consumption and increase safety. The data provided to you will give actionable insights that can save money and improve safety.

Easy Communication

You can plan and manage tasks easily via the online interface and share the information directly with drivers. You can send text messages and navigation data between the driver and vehicle managers

Enhance productivity with quick and direct connection to drivers.

Better Navigation

Navigation data drawn from multiple sources will get your drivers to their destinations faster and more efficiently.

Mobile Control

Managers will have remote vehicle access and be able to operate certain functions from anywhere in the world. They can also give multiple users keyless access to the same vehicle.

Sharing Data

Newer vans have the ability to share information like traffic infrastructure and hazards with other PRO Connect enabled vans.

​In your vehicle…

Onboard Communications Module

This is the integrated onboard 'hub' for Mercedes PRO connect, hidden from view and sending powerful information. The Module is connected to 100+ vehicle sensors and sends live data via 4G to your desktop, mobile and tablet - transmitting everything from the status of wearing parts and fuel consumption to driver behaviour and the van’s GPS location.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Headunit

Drivers can look at the 7-inch touchscreen to see messaging, navigation instructions and other updates from Mercedes PRO connect. The steering wheel touch pads offer quick and easy fingertip access, alongside ‘Hey Mercedes’ Voice Command Operation*. The headunit doubles as an entertainment system too, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB port and DAB radio.

*Standard in conjunction with navigation.

How do I get started?

If you already own a Mercedes-Benz Van…

Mercedes PRO connect is already built into the latest Sprinter and Vito models and you can fit it to many older vehicles using the Mercedes PRO Adaptor. All you need to do is register an account using the online Mercedes PRO Portal, or you can contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer, who’ll set everything up for you.

Register now at Mercedes PRO Portal

If you’re new to Mercedes-Benz Vans…

Mercedes PRO connect is available with our latest medium and large vans and your local dealer will be able to arrange a demo and help you get started. Our website

tells you more about Mercedes PRO connect and shows you which models now feature the technology.

Learn more about Mercedes PRO connect

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