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Mercedes-Benz Company Cars

With a stunning aerodynamic design, meticulous attention to detail and an elegant, sophisticated and chic appearance, it’s no wonder Mercedes-Benz is a top choice for many company car drivers.

Create a Good Impression

When it comes to business, appearance is highly important. First impressions count, which is why the luxurious and impeccable styling of Mercedes-Benz fits neatly with the corporate world. Whether you’ve a long commute or regularly transport clients, a reliable, safe and high-tech vehicle will make your time spent on the road comfortable and hassle-free.

Enjoy Low Running Costs

Cost-effective and fuel-efficient with low CO2 emissions, the Mercedes-Benz range will reduce both your running costs and Benefit-in-Kind taxation. Our award-winning collection of premium vehicles boasts the very best in terms of safety, with a technology suite than will keep you informed, connected and entertained out on the road.

So, whether you want to start your day every morning with a drive in the head-turning Mercedes-Benz A-Class or are eying up the flagship S-Class, we offer vehicles to suit your business and budget.

Talk to us today for more information about any of the models available at our dealerships across Manchester and Birmingham. You can also book a virtual demonstration and feel what it’s like to get behind the wheel and delight in the power and performance that’s come to be expected from the Mercedes-Benz marque.