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Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Check

Why not take advantage of our Diagnostic Check from only £150

A diagnostics test can help identify potential problems if a warning light or fault code appears on your dashboard.

You know your Mercedes-Benz best, so if you suspect that something is wrong with it, we are here to assist you. We will investigate any unidentified issues on your behalf, utilising our wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as our advanced diagnostic equipment, to determine the source of your concern.

The initial diagnosis of your car is a 60-minute diagnosis check which covers: a road test or guided fault finding where we’ll contact you to discuss the findings and to provide you with a firm repair quotation; or advise you if further research is needed on complex problems and we’ll provide you an estimate of any additional diagnosis.

What does a car diagnostic check do?

A Mercedes-Benz trained mechanic who will connect your vehicle to our specialised code reader that will perform a diagnostic examination of your vehicle that are difficult to detect manually.

The main components which are tested in a diagnostic check are the cars:

  • Electronic control units (ECUs) - these control various element of the car and its performance including engine running
  • Emissions and exhaust sensors
  • Braking system
  • Electrical components such as central door locking
  • Transmission if electronically controlled
  • Ignition coils
  • Throttle setting
  • Fuel injectors
  • Airflow and coolant

  • Why is a car diagnostic check important?

    A Diagnostic Check is critical because it can detect potential problems with your vehicle before it breaks down. The computerised system scans the system of your vehicle for any faults, regardless of how small or major. A diagnostic test is a quick, easy and accurate means of identifying any defects and gives you the opportunity to fix them before they become more costly problems.

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    How to book my local diagnostic check

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    Summary of Benefits:

    Fully insurance company approved
    Highly trained and experienced technicians
    Free estimates
    3 state of the art paint booths
    3 drive in/out oversize commercial
    2 regular Junair ovens
    4 painters
    2 dedicated mechanical, electrical & trim technicians
    4 panel beaters
    Designated reception and coffee/tea making facilities with host, collection and delivery.