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VIP Rentals with LSH Auto

S 580 e L AMG Line Premium Plus Executive*

​Obsidian Black Metallic with Nappa Black Leather

0-62 mph 5.2 secTop speed 155*

MFRP £122,245


Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+ Premium

Obsidian Black Metallic with AMG Nappa Black Leather

0-62 mph 5.3 sec Top speed 155*

MFRP £91,165


E 53 4MATIC+ Night Edition Premium Plus Cabriolet*

With AMG Nappa Black Leather

0-62 mph 4.6 secTop speed 155*

MFRP £82,910


E 53 4MATIC+ Night Edition Premium Plus Coupe

​Polar White with AMG Nappa Black Leather

0-62 mph 4.4 sec  Top speed 155*

MFRP £75,970​



This Vehicle Loan Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on [Date] ("Effective Date") between LSH Mercedes-Benz, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer."

1. Loan Agreement with LSH

The loan of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle is subject to and in conjunction with the terms and conditions set forth in the LSH Agreement without exclusions or exceptions. The customer acknowledges that they have reviewed and accepted the LSH agreement.

2. Vehicle Insurance

The Mercedes-Benz vehicle will be insured by LSH Coopers on a fully comprehensive basis, unless outside LSH coverage, if this is the case the customer will fully ensure the vehicle with a copy of the insurance policy provided to LSH. The customer is fully responsible for an insurance excess charge of £1,000 per claim in the event of an insurance claim.

3. Driver Information

The customer agrees to provide LSH with a copy of their valid driver's licence, which will be retained on file. The customer also declares that they will promptly inform LSH of any penalty point or driving convictions incurred during the loan period.

4. Payment in Advance

Payment for any chosen loan periods must be made in advance.

5. Loan Period and Mileage Limit

The vehicle will be operated for a maximum period of either 3 months or 6 months, with a mileage limit of 1,000 miles per month. The current mileage at the beginning of the loan term is [Starting Mileage]. An excess mileage charge will be applicable at the rate of 35 pence per mile if the maximum mileage limit is exceeded at the end of the loan term.

6. Monthly Mileage Reporting

The customer is required to notify LSH at the end of each month of the vehicle's mileage via email.

7. Vehicle Maintenance and Care

The customer agree to keep the vehicle in a condition that would be deemed acceptable by LSH Mercedes-Benz. The customer is liable for any damage or wear and tear, including but not limited to damage to the alloy wheels.

8. Reporting of Incidents

The customer shall promptly notify LSH of all road traffic incidents, accidents or damages that occur while the vehicle is in their care.

9. Usage Restrictions

The vehicle is not permitted to be taken outside of the United Kingdom

10. Mercedes-Benz Mercedes ME Function

The Mercedes ME function on the vehicle will be set up to an LSH email account and not to the allocated driver's personal account.

11. Additional Drivers

No additional drivers, other than the individual detailed above, will be permitted to operate the vehicle without prior approval from LSH.