FAQs for LSH Auto SMART Cars

Here at LSH Auto, we understand that in relation to the Motability System, you probably have a lot of questions you want to ask. And, while we've done everything we can to have as much detail as possible, there's going to be something we forget sometimes. We are pleased to present our selection of frequently asked questions that will hopefully provide you with the answers you need to further help provide you with all the knowledge you need.

Our FAQs contain those questions that have been posed at LSH Auto by past clients of the Motability Scheme. As such, you can be assured that they are completely important to your situation and hopefully help to calm your mind. Of course, you can always contact a member of the team at LSH Auto direct if you still feel that your own specific question has not been answered. Our mobility experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to contact us today.

Am I entitled to a car for mobility?


For more details, please refer to https:/www.lshauto.co.uk/motability/ or contact your local mobility experts at https://www.lshauto.co.uk/smart/motability-contact-us/meet-the-team/

Will you have to pay for mobility vehicle insurance?


Only the named drivers shown on your Motor Insurance Certificate are covered for driving purposes. Even if they have fully comprehensive insurance that includes protection for driving other vehicles, other drivers, not on the certificate, are not permitted to drive your Motability Scheme vehicle.

What age prevents mobility?


There is no upper age limit.

May I purchase a vehicle for mobility?


At the end of the lease, you can still purchase your car, but you have to finance it yourself.

What mobility vehicle has the best value?


For more information, see https:/www.lshauto.co.uk/motability/ LSH Auto has a range of models.

May I adjust my car after 2 years for mobility?


For instance, if your mobility requirements have changed and the car is no longer appropriate, you can only change your lease agreement if there is a good purpose.

How many miles are you allowed in a vehicle for mobility?


60,000 over an agreement of 3 years.

How do vehicles for mobility work?


Please visit the following address: https:/www.lshauto.co.uk/mercedes-benz/motability/

Who can drive a vehicle for mobility?


Only drivers identified on the Auto Insurance Certificate as registered drivers are covered in order to drive a motor vehicle.

What does it cover?


For more details, contact one of our mobility experts at https:/www.lshauto.co.uk/mercedes-benz/motability-contact-us/meet-the-team/

What vehicles are available with regard to mobility?


For all the models available, please visit https:/www.lshauto.co.uk/motability/

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