LSH Auto Express Check-in Services

We now offer an Express Check-in for servicing and repairs customers looking to save time.

Our new check-in kiosks allow you to enter your registration number, along with any comments for our technicians, before leaving your keys in a secure locker.

You can also use the service for a speedy check-out when you collect your vehicle.

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smart Car Servicing, Repairs & GenuineParts®

Look after your car the smart way with LSH Auto

We want your smart car to keep performing at its best and giving you maximum enjoyment throughout its lifetime. To preserve the high levels of safety and reliability you expect from smart, make sure your vehicle receives regular servicing and maintenance. To make things easier, we’ve developed a service system* which incorporates all the service scopes necessary to keep your smart car in optimal condition. During your warranty period, it’s important to have the specified services carried out regularly, in good time and by a smart authorised service partner.**

LSH Auto have a network of authorised smart car service partners to choose from based in Birmingham, Stockport & Whitefield, and because each of them has special facilities and skilled smart-trained technicians, you can be confident that your vehicle will always be expertly serviced and repaired. For more information about smart Service Plans, to order GenuineParts, to receive a quote for the work you require, or to book your smart car in for its service at your nearest LSH Auto aftersales provider simply get in touch with our friendly team. Our specialist team can answer any and all questions you may have.

* smart reserves the right to make changes to the service.
** to avoid invalidating your warranty, please always abide by your warranty terms and conditions even if the vehicle is used and/or serviced by a third party.

Service Intervals.

The service interval indicator in the display of your vehicle informs you of the date and scope of the next scheduled service. When you start the engine, this information is shown in miles (m) or days for approximately 10 seconds, depending on the mileage reading. The two types of service scope, A and B, should be carried at alternating intervals. The display symbols shown on the left will let you know which service scope is now due.

Wondering what is covered by the different service scopes? Find the answers to your questions in these useful guides:

See what's covered by service scope A
See what's covered by service scope B
See what's in the additional service scopes