100% Electric. Unmistakably smart.
Discover the power of electric smart #1.

Discover the power of electric smart #1.

Adaptive High Beam Premium editions and above benefit from CyberSparksLED+ headlights, which illuminate your way whatever the conditions. Adaptive high beam technology ensures you get the best possible visibility without dazzling other drivers.
Concealed door handles With any electric car, efficiency is key. That’s why the new smart #1 pays attention to even the smallest details – such as concealed door handles that enhance its streamlined exterior. Approach the car and they pop out and illuminate for your convenience.
Every detail taken care of.
Intriguingly new and supremely comfortable.
Screen time The smart #1 makes travel a breeze thanks to its 12.8-inch touchscreen central display and 9.2-inch LCD digital instrument cluster. All the information you need is presented with crystal clarity, and an intuitive operating system means accessing data, entertainment and more has never been easier.
Point the way to autonomous driving.
Safety & technology
Contact Us The new smart #1 is yours to discover today. Experience the power of zero-emissions performance for yourself by arranging a test drive with LSH Auto in Birmingham, Stockport and Whitefield.