The Mercedes Vision AVTR: The Car of the Future.

September 30 2020

Mercedes-Benz has revealed actual driving footage of its Vision AVTR car prototype, which is inspired by Avatar. The Mercedes Vision AVTR is a car where science fiction meets automotive ambition. AVTR stands for Avatar, but it’s also short for Advanced Vehicle Transformation. This is the name of the six metre-long super-luxe Mercedes which debuted at in Vegas in January.

The car is fully electric, with a motor on each wheel, producing the equivalent of 479bhp. It has spheres rather than wheels, and these can rotate through 30 degrees, enabling the AVTR to “crab” sideways. The AVTR also uses graphene-based organic cell chemistry to circumvent this dilemma and it’s also 100 per cent recyclable.

With a promised range of around 450 miles, this particular aspect of the future can’t arrive soon enough. AVTR plays with the idea of “neuromorphic hardware”, pegging the car to the nervous system of the operator. The car’s energy supply is also boosted by the 33 multidirectional “bionic flaps” on the rear, which act like supercharged solar panels.

By placing your hand on a central controller, this brings the interior to life and establishes a biometric connection based on your breathing. Passengers are also made aware of various natural forces not normally visible to the naked eye, including magnetic fields, bioenergy or ultraviolet light. 

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