Smart Motability Servicing & MOT

Repair work is part of your hassle free lease plan if you are approved by the Motability Scheme with LSH Auto. This means that you wouldn't have to worry about the price of maintaining your vehicle protected.

Motability Servicing

Motility service will alleviate the stress, if you've have a city compact or a family-friendly SUV, and provides the following inspections:

  • Engine oil
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Engine cooling system
  • Lights
  • Tyre tread
  • Tyre pressure – including the spare tyre

Each service is personalised as per the car you have and the suggestions of the supplier. We'll alert you if any of your car modifications need regular maintenance, and both would be included in your deal. After each service, we also will mark the service log of your vehicle to guarantee that an up-to - date log is always kept.

Motability MOT

MOTs are a legal requirement with new cars first needing a MOT after three years. We’ll contact you towards the end of your lease period to book your vehicle in for a test. If your car is on a standard three-year lease, it’ll need a MOT test certificate before you hand it back.

Supplementary information:

  • Two months after the initial termination date.
  • Vehicles don't require MOT testing in Northern Ireland until they are four years old.
  • MOT testing is not necessary for mobility vehicles registered on the Isle of Man at all.

If my vehicle fails its MOT, what happens?

Don't worry, firstly. Before retesting, we'll perform any necessary repairs. Again, through your RSA Motability insurance policy, you may wish to claim for additional repairs. But if the problem happens, we will talk you through this. Contact us today to learn more about LSH Auto's mobility maintenance and MOT and to keep your mobility vehicle in good working order.

Servicing & MOT
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