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Intelligent vehicle monitoring via your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Fleet managers throughout the UK will understand the challenges presented by managing a number of vehicles. With the introduction of Mercedes me, however, overseeing the entire fleet of models is easier than ever before, putting visibility and control of your commercial vehicles in the palm of your hand. This flexible and practical system gives you full oversight of such measures as location, fuel level, mileage and more, meaning you can stay updated at all times.

Simply get started by registering through the Mercedes me portal or by downloading the Mercedes me app on the Apple Store or Android Play Store.

Three reasons to start using Mercedes me:

Greater efficiency Stay fully updated with critical vehicle information such as mileage and fuel levels, without having to manually contact each driver.
More visibility The Mercedes me system enables you to access vehicle details via your smartphone, tablet or laptop, providing great visibility.
Better insight Keep up-to-date with performance levels and servicing schedules and make fleet management easier than ever before.

Which services are included?

When connecting your fleet to Mercedes me, you have the opportunity to benefit from a number of included features and services. Among them, you can monitor servicing intervals, access accident and breakdown management, and more. Take a look through the included services below for more details.


Maintenance management helps you keep track of scheduled servicing and appointments for your fleet of vehicles.

Accident and breakdown management will provide round-the-clock support in the event of any incident out on the road.

Remote vehicle diagnosis will help your service provider to conduct quick health checks on your vehicle.

Telediagnosis provides alerts when wear and tear of parts may become an issue.

Software updates are provided to keep on-board systems up-to-date and efficient.

Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status displays vital servicing information on your smart device or laptop.

Online search helps you to find everything you could possibly need via the multimedia system.

Third-party provider interface lets you control Mercedes me services using compatible voice assistants.

Ready to set up Mercedes me? There are just four simple steps:

1. Create a Mercedes me ID


To create a business profile for Mercedes me, simply complete the one-off registration as a company administrator in either the Mercedes me Portal or the Mercedes me App. You will then receive your personal Mercedes me ID. If you already have your own Mercedes me ID, you can skip this step.

2. Create a company profile


Using your own Mercedes me ID, you can now create a company profile in the Mercedes me Portal. Please note that you must be authorised by your company to create accounts.

3. Add vehicles, services and people


After you’ve created your company profile, you can connect your vehicle or vehicles with Mercedes me in the Mercedes me Portal and activate the desired services.

You can also add new users as drivers. They will receive an e-mail invitation and will need to set up their own Mercedes me ID to use the company profile

4. Install and start the app


As soon as you’ve registered and been added as a user in the company profile, you can log in to the Mercedes me App using your Mercedes me ID, then assign yourself a vehicle and use the Mercedes me services.