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Mercedes-Benz Ad Blue

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What is AdBlue and how does it work?

  • AdBlue is a urea-and-demineralized-water solution. This substance is not only non-toxic but also colourless and odourless, as well as non-flammable.
  • As a result of a chemical reaction, the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust are converted to harmless nitrogen and water vapour.
  • Using Mercedes-BlueTEC Benz's technology, diesel engines can now benefit from redundancy savings.

How often does AdBlue need to be topped up / replaced?

  • When your vehicle is serviced at an Approved Mercedes-Benz Retailer, the AdBlue tank is topped up. One litre of AdBlue is enough for approximately 625 miles of driving, and the AdBlue tank is large enough that you should not need to refill AdBlue between services. However, depending on the type of driving, mileage, and road conditions, AdBlue consumption may be higher.

How will I know when it is time to top up?

  • When the AdBlue supply is down to about 3 litres, a message on the display will say'refill AdBlue.'
  • If the AdBlue tank is not topped up at this point – we recommend at least 3 litres – the message 'Refill AdBlue No start in XXX miles' will appear. You will be able to drive the distance indicated, but you will be unable to start the engine.
  • If you intend to take your vehicle outside of Europe, we strongly advise you to have the AdBlue level checked at LSH Auto.

What happens if AdBlue runs out?

  • If the AdBlue is not topped up and runs out, the message 'Refill AdBlue Start not possible' appears, and the engine will not start. To resolve this problem, you must add at least 3 litres of AdBlue.
  • Customers with Roadside Assistance cover will receive a free 4 litre AdBlue top up at the roadside if their vehicle's AdBlue tank runs dry and fails to start.

Where can I buy replacement AdBlue from?

  • You can purchase AdBlue containers from your local LSH Auto and Mercedes-Benz Dealership. Conveniently sized AdBlue tank fillers, these containers are simple and easy to use. Your car's owner's manual contains detailed instructions on how to top off your AdBlue tank.

How do I refill the AdBlue tank?

  • A separate AdBlue tank must be used on the vehicle; diesel fuel cannot be mixed with AdBlue. Mixing or diluting AdBlue with other substances is not permitted.
  • Because fluctuations in capacity or overfilling can damage BlueTEC exhaust gas after-treatment components, your vehicle must be parked on a level surface when you refill the AdBlue tank.
  • Always refill AdBlue in a well-ventilated area.

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