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What is Mercedes me?

Mercedes me is an innovative range of services online designed to increase your experience with Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes me allows you to subscribe to the highest standards of support through your smartphone, tablet or PC, in a way that fits seamlessly with your busy lifestyle.We are sure Mercedes Connects me makes your life simple by offering you a wide range of services to help you while on on your ride, from monitoring of your fuel levels to locking your car on your smartphone.

You can download the Mercedes me app from your app store and discover what services are available for your car or click below on the Mercedes me page to register.

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meredes me connect

What can Mercedes me do for you?

Remote car lock*

Forgot to lock your car? You will receive a notification to let you know on your smartphone. You can lock and unlock your vehicle with one tap, so you never have to worry.

*Part of the Vehicle Status package. This option may vary between standard and additional cost dependent on the model

Remote Park Pilot*

Can't get your car out of a tight parking space? Its now light work with our ultrasonic Sensors. You can now control your car through your mobile phone so that you can easily move in or out of tight spaces.

*Currently only available on E-Class Saloon and Estate, New S-Class and New CLS models with Remote Parking Package. Not compatible with Android 8.0 OS.

Parked Vehicle Locator*

Have you forgot where you’ve parked? Our Parked Vehicle Locator feature now shows you exactly where your car is as long as you are in a radius of 1 mile. Very handy for those trips to the supermarket!

*Available on all models with the Vehicle Monitoring package. This option may vary between standard and additional cost dependent on the model.

Fuel check*

Getting ready for a trip? You can always check your fuel gauge and see how many miles you have left in your tank! Very clever!

*Part of the Vehicle Status package. This option may vary between standard and additional cost dependent on the model.

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Mercedes me app

Any time and anywhere. With the Mercedes me app on your smartphone you have your personal point of entry to the world of Mercedes-Benz and direct access to your vehicle at your fingertips at all times.

You can obtain current information on your vehicle, navigate safely and reliably to your intended destination and use the news offering and other services from Mercedes-Benz.

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Get Mercedes moments exclusively to your device.

As a customer of Mercedes-Benz, you'll have access to a huge range of awards, rewards and once in a lifetime opportunities.

You could win tickets to the Open Golf Tournament in all areas or borrow a soft top for that Summer weekend getaway or attend a special stand at the Grand Prix in England. All of these and more are available at your Mercedes-Benz me portal.

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Registering with Mercedes me.

Step 1

Register for an account by visiting

Step 2

Link your Mercedes me with your Mercedes‑Benz in just a few steps

Step 3

Accept the General Terms of Use, and enable all services*

Step 4

Contact us on 0330 3119 840 for information and support.

Summary of Benefits:

Fully insurance company approved
Highly trained and experienced technicians
Free estimates
3 state of the art paint booths
3 drive in/out oversize commercial
2 regular Junair ovens
4 painters
2 dedicated mechanical, electrical & trim technicians
4 panel beaters
Designated reception and coffee/tea making facilities with host, collection and delivery.