Behind the scenes with LSH Auto and British Athletics

LSH Auto has been the ‘Official Van & Car Supplier’ to British Athletics since September 2020.

Despite the challenges of the ongoing global pandemic, British Athletics has continued to support our athletes and to put on as many events as possible. Our Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been playing their part behind the scenes.

Three of the most recent competitions to have taken place are the British Athletics European Indoor Selection Trials Events, the Müller British Athletics Marathon and 20km Walk Trials at Kew Gardens and the Müller 2021 Wheelchair Marathon at Thruxton Circuit.

At the European Indoor Trials Event, three of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles were used to transport equipment. In total, they travelled 720 miles across the weekend, with events taking place in Loughborough, Lee Valley and Manchester.

The Lee Valley Athletics Centre hosted the short sprints, hurdles and horizontal jumps on Saturday 20 February. Loughborough held the field events on Sunday 21 February. The 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, women’s 60m hurdles and the combined events were held at Manchester over the two days.

At the Marathon and Racewalk Olympic Trials at Kew Gardens and the Wheelchair Marathon Paralympic Trials at Thruxton Circuit, two of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles were used by event staff to transport equipment. Our vehicles were also used as the lead and sweeper cars for the wheelchair marathon, with the lead vehicle displaying the time throughout competition.

Chris Thompson and Steph Davies produced personal best performances on their way to securing marathon spots for Tokyo in the Racewalk event, and David Weir and Shelly Woods recorded victories at the Wheelchair Marathon.

Martyn Webb, Managing Director LSH Auto, said: “We’re excited to be supporting British Athletics in the run up to the Olympic Games this summer. It’s fantastic that they have been able to put these events on and maintain safety for everybody involved under the circumstances of the past 12 months. We’re looking forward to cheering on our athletes as they prepare for the Olympics this summer and we’ll be keeping everybody up to date with the latest athletics news on our social media channels.”