Lewis Hamilton wins the Turkish Grand Prix

November 16 2020

After winning his seventh world title, British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has equaled Michael Schumacher's record. Schumacher won his seventh world title at the Belgian Grand Prix in 2004 and many thought the record would potentially stand forever.

Hamilton was the youngest world champion when he won his first title in 2008 - a record since broken by Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton is now the most decorated racer the sport has ever seen - with more wins (94), more poles (97) and more podiums (163) than any driver previous driver.

The race itself was an exception. In an era where overtaking and unpredictability are common, an awkward track and torrential rain made for constant changes of position.

Hamilton started sixth and moaned early on that "these tyres on no good" in the conditions. He needed only to finish ahead of Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas to claim the title, but ended up winning the race, defying the conditions.

I know often we, or I say, it’s beyond my wildest dreams, but I think my whole life I secretly have dreamt as high as this. But it always felt so farfetched. I remember Michael winning those championships, and all of us drivers here are doing the best job we can, and just to get one, two or three is so hard to get. So, to get seven, is just unimaginable. But when you work with such a great group of people, and you communicate, and trust one another and listen to one another, there is just no end to what we can do together, this team and I together. And I’m so proud of what we’ve done. And them trusting me out there today like they did, that comes with experience. This year has been so tough… I haven’t gone out, I haven’t gone for dinner, I’ve just stayed in my bubble. Getting room service every day, and not really anything exciting and that’s naturally because I‘ve got a championship to fight for. I think this year I’ve sacrificed more than ever before in my whole life. That’s made it quite difficult. Making memories like this, I want to wait until I can be around my family, be around all my friends, because I want to share it with them. I feel so proud of this race today. I was thinking about moments when it went wrong before, like China 2007 when I lost the championship on worn tyres in the pit lane. All these things I’ve learned along the way, I was able to apply today, and that’s why you saw the result and the gap you did today. - Lewis Hamilton

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