Laureus Spin for Good at The Olympic Velodrome

Date: 31st Jan 2020.

Filled with great determination and adrenaline pumping, LSH Auto took part in the Laureus Spin for Good, at London’s The Olympic Velodrome, on Wednesday 27th November 2019.

LSH Auto is a supporter of the charity Laureus Sport for Good, which supports more than 160 sports-based community programmes in over 40 countries, helping to address the many social challenges facing children and young people around the world. We have been working together since 2000 to use sport to change the lives of young people all around the world and together we have helped support 1000s of young people to get access to the skills they need to get into work, stay out of gangs, or overcome mental health challenges.

Our staff had opportunity to get even closer to the work of Laureus by joining them and some of the Laureus Ambassadors at a fantastic sporting event, all to help raise more funds to continue to support their vital work.

We were in superb company with Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy also at the iconic London Velodrome for Laureus Spin for Good. Our team was put to the test, with six members of staff putting everything they had – sweat and tears – in to an eight tough cycling challenge.

Our commendable team were tasked with completing seven static bike challenges and one ultimate challenge experience on the Olympic Track.

LSH Auto's Rob Bull (Key Account Manager)

I felt very honoured to be asked to take part in the Laureus Spin For Good! Unusually for me I felt quite nervous on the morning of the event as I didn’t really know what to expect or what the day would offer! When we walked into the velodrome for the first time the feeling was unreal. Seeing the track for the first time and realising actually how steep the track banking is and remembering back to the 2012 Olympics and all the history that happened in that building was amazing. The day itself was great, 8 team events 7 of which were 45 minute set sessions on static exercise bikes and one which was held on the famous track! It was a physically tough day to say the least but also an amazing day to be part of the Laureus Spin For Good.

A round of applause for all involved, we say!

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