The LSH Auto and HS Credit Zip LINE Challenge 2020.

Corporate social responsibility and supporting the local community is ingrained in the DNA of our employers; LSH Auto and HS Credit, and that of our parent companies. Within the UK, both businesses are working closely together to do what they can to give back to society, and a big part of that is by fundraising for worthy causes. In order to do this, they needed willing volunteers who were prepared to take on a challenge exciting enough to encourage people to dig deep and donate to the cause! Step forward Steve Jennings Chief Executive HS Credit UK and Frank Smith Fleet Sales Manager LSH Auto Ltd!

They have chosen to take their life in their hands and raise funds for a charity close to both of their hearts, St Ann’s Hospice.

Steve’s sister Sally was supported with her end of life care by the superb staff at St Ann’s and Frank has a strong connection with them through his participation and organisation of their annual 10k Midnight Walk. St Ann’s Hospice undertake awesome work in often the most trying of circumstances; fundraising is essential to the running of the hospice and ensures they can continue to develop their services now and in the future.

Both Steve and Frank are celebrating reaching a milestone age within a month of each other in 2020. To mark this milestone occasion, they decided they needed to challenge themselves to the point of it almost being dangerous, pushing themselves completely out of their comfort zone and most importantly, ensuring that there were plenty of laughs along the way. So taking on Europe’s longest and fastest Zip Line became their chosen challenge. Reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour hurtling over the Welsh countryside, while strapped in a body bag is very likely going to give them both the adrenaline rush they both crave.

The lead up to them being strapped in and pushed over the edge will be filmed, as will the journey along the zip wire itself, courtesy of Franks helmet cam (so no chance of them bottling it!) This will be shared via social media with the challenge, scheduled for 11.20am on Thursday 9th July. There will of course be plenty of updates between now and then, so watch this space for the first Zip Line Vlog which will be coming very soon (very 21st Century)!

All we ask is that, if you feel able to, that you contribute to this amazing cause via our Just Giving page. Remember, no donation is too small so please give what you feel you can. Your donations help St Ann’s make a real difference to the patients and families they support every day across Greater Manchester.

Thank you in advance and wish us luck!

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