Supporting each other through difficult times.

November 16 2020​

The last two years have been particularly challenging for one of our technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Tamworth and his family.

Adam Cutts’s daughter, Jessica, has been a keen gymnast from a young age and competed at regional and national competitions. In February last year, Adam and his wife were called into her training session as her coach had noticed a curve in her spine and that her right shoulder blade was protruding.

Following a consultation with their GP, they were referred to a specialist at Royal Stoke Hospital who confirmed she had adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, with a 46-degree curve in her spine.

Jessica was fitted with a body brace that she had to wear for more than 18 hours a day but unfortunately, this didn’t work and in September 2019 she was placed on a waiting list hoping for spinal fusion surgery to be completed by May 2020.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the operation was pushed back and rescheduled for October 2020. By the time Jessica went into the hospital, she had a 65-degree curve in her spine. Her operation required two titanium and cobalt rods to be screwed into her spine to align it and hold it in place, allowing it to fuse from T4 to L1.

Adam commented: “Jessica’s doing really well. Although these rods will stay with her for the rest of her life, she’s out of hospital and has returned to school on a reduced timetable. We’re hoping that in 12 months when the fusion has taken place, she’ll be able to start trampolining again as she wants to become a coach.”

The team at Mercedes-Benz of Tamworth raised £150 for Jessica, which was matched by LSH Auto and Adam was presented with a £300 ASOS voucher for Jessica.

Mark Hickman, Dealer Principal at Mercedes-Benz of Tamworth, commented: “We all want to wish Jessica well in her recovery and hope that this small gesture from the team and the business will put a smile on her face in the run up to Christmas.”

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