The all-electric EQS SUV

21st April 2022​

Eye-catching style.

The EQS SUV’s bold, seamless lines take our Progressive Luxury philosophy to a new dimension. On or off-road, this futuristic and purposeful look is sure to turn heads.

Everything at your fingertips.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)* multimedia system offers an intuitive, immersive user experience. In the cockpit, the MBUX Hyperscreen stretches the entire length of the dashboard. In the rear, passengers can optionally access content via two high-resolution 29.5 cm (11.6 inch) displays.

Luxury, everywhere.

The spacious cabin is a comfortable, connected lounge with a choice of electrically adjustable backrests, seat climate control, entertainment screens in the second row, and space for up to seven seats.

The MBUX Hyperscreen

The EQS SUV interior's focal point (special equipment). This large, curved screen unit extends nearly from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens are joined visually by a common cover glass. The front passenger has their own display and control area thanks to the 12.3-inch OLED display. Front-seat passengers in Europe and a growing number of other countries can now watch dynamic content while the vehicle is in motion. This is due to Mercedes-ability EQ's to rely on intelligent, camera-based blocking logic: if the camera detects that the driver is looking at the passenger display, the system dims the dynamic content automatically.​

Rapid charging capability means 10-80 percent in 31 minutes

The EQS SUV has the same wheelbase as the EQS saloon, which is roughly the same as the combustion-engined (and unrivaled) S-Class, but it sits more than 20cm higher. In the underbody is a 107.8kWh battery that powers either the rear wheels alone in the EQS 450 or both axles in the 4WD 450 and 580 '4Matic' versions. Rapid charging means you can charge from 10% to 80% in 31 minutes. From 315 - 380 miles of All-electric range (WLTP).

Uncomplicated for a clear conscience, too, because the charging process is greened with Mercedes me Charge. We use high-quality certificates of origin to ensure that electricity generated by renewable energy sources is then fed into the grid for charging volumes that flow through Mercedes me Charge.

Dynamic Select Mode

Our all-new EQS SUV has OFFROAD, another DYNAMIC SELECT driving mode, to ensure that nothing stands in the way of off-road adventures!

The advantage is obvious: with ESP activated, the potentially spinning wheels are only allowed to slip slightly. The OFFROAD driving mode, with the ESP turned off, allows for enough slip while keeping the vehicle safe and easy to control.

One step above the ordinary

The new EQS SUV with an illuminated running board truly embodies the extraordinary. It perfectly embodies the symbiosis of forward-thinking design and luxurious comfort. Take the next step in luxurious electric driving with us.

Redefining the look of a large, luxurious SUV. Its innovative aerodynamic design makes no sacrifices in terms of space or comfort. This is electric brilliance.

The EQS SUV is the third model to be built on the new modular architecture for premium and luxury electric vehicles. It introduces a distinct purpose design to the SUV segment: The new model combines the EQS saloon's progressive design and comfort with the space and versatility of the popular SUV concept. Interior design elements such as intuitive digital controls and innovative trim elements combine to create an avant-garde atmosphere. A wide range of possible uses is also ensured by responsive 4MATIC all-wheel drive and an intelligent OFF-ROAD driving programme.

The digital world premiere will be streamed live for the general public and multipliers on multiple Mercedes-Benz channels, including YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Media representatives will also be provided with detailed information and services about Mercedes me media. Transcripts in a total of six languages are available for reading and downloading, in addition to the original English-language audio. The extensive offering is rounded out by press materials such as videos, images, graphics, and a press kit. Furthermore, Mercedes-EQ experts will answer individual questions in the context of the digital world premiere in a virtual exchange, providing a convenient opportunity for further research.

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