Discover the Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo - And get ready for the Summer!

Discover the Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo - And get ready for the Summer! Added: 11 February 2019

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With the new Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo, you get the chance to embrace the stylish with the sporty, whether for big days out or overnight stays. A weekend away has never felt better than when you drive in the Mercedes-Benz V Class, and there is so much to this vehicle you won't know where to start.

If you haven’t heard of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo before and the name has caught your interest, know that it’s named after the explorer because it’s a camper van. Not exactly like the vintage VW campers, but an upgraded, fully functioning, stylish version that changes the camping game.

The Inside Counts

The new Marco Polo provides you the ideal home away from home, with a spacious and stylish interior that holds up to four people. Not only does it come equipped with features such as the yacht wood flooring, but there is also a modern furniture concept including wardrobe and a seat stowage compartment.

Sleeping under the stars is so much simpler when you know there's space to cook in the fully-equipped kitchenette, a hob with two gas burners, a sink, an easy-up electric pop-up roof with a two-seater bed, and a luxurious two-seater couch with a bed extension. The front seat swivel and the rear seats fold flat to form the downstairs, comfortable bed. There’s a pop-up roof that reveals the upstairs sleeping area. There are too many surprise features and delightful details to mention.

Every new car need quality fixtures and fittings, and the Mercedes-Benz V Class Marco Polo has an impressive upgrade from the camper vans of old.

What's It Like on The Road?

Campervans don't tend to drive in the way that most vehicles do, so handling ability isn't the significant bit. You still have to drive it, though, so you should know that it's quite slow. It's not as fast as the VW. Again, speed isn't something that is much of an issue as you're not looking to go speeding down the country lanes when you're off on your adventures.

The Marco Polo does better when it comes to stability and comfort, and people look for support when they're on a road trip. You sit lower in this vehicle, which means you don't feel the roll as much and it's softly suspended, with large, 18-inch wheels. Make sure you balance the passenger weight versus motorway crosswinds, though, no one wants to tip over!

It's quiet, cruises well and it can be an eight-seater rather than a camper van, should you wish. It comes as a direct rival to the VW camper, and it’s a thoroughly expert, impeccable and competent family car. It may lose points in the more delicate details, such as speed, but it more than makes up for that in quality and design.

Prices start from £50,065, and you can contact us today to book in your test drive. LSH Auto is the premier Mercedes-Benz dealership in the Midlands with dealerships centred around Birmingham & Manchester.

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