What does AMG mean on a Mercedes?

What does AMG mean on a Mercedes? Added: 27 November 2018

If you’ve been looking around for a new car, or you’re interested in the latest makes and models, you may have stumbled across the letters AMG on a Mercedes. Mercedes AMG models have attracted plaudits, but what does AMG mean, and what’s so special about these cars?

Mercedes-Benz AMG

To comprehend what the letters AMG mean on a Mercedes, it’s worth taking a little trip back in time and learning about the history of Mercedes-Benz. AMG may now be synonymous with power, precision and motoring perfection, but the letters actually have a historical reference. These letters are actually shorthand for the founders of the company, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, and Aufrecht’s birthplace, Grossaspach. The letters have meaning, but car buyers are perhaps more concerned with what they symbolise in terms of performance, rather than history.

What is the AMG difference?

If you’re exploring your options and looking at different Mercedes models, you may be interested in the difference between AGM and non-AGM models. What makes an AGM model distinctive, and what difference does it make to a driver? The answer lies in the fact that AMG is the performance department of Mercedes. Every Mercedes car is special, but AGM models are designed and developed with unrivalled precision and attention to detail. These models are tuned in a unique way, which increases power, and the engines are hand-built by highly-skilled engineers. AMG vehicles are also designed to catch the eye, and they often feature sporty trims and luxurious additional touches that are guaranteed to make passers-by look twice. The AMG difference makes Mercedes-Benz vehicles exclusive and covetable.

Why buy a Mercedes AMG?

The Mercedes AMG range is geared towards drivers who are looking for track-ready performance combined with style, speed and sophistication. This is a collection of exclusive vehicles, which ticks every box. As a driver, you can enjoy the thrill of driving a car that could challenge on a race track no matter where you are. Whether you commute long distances, or you enjoy driving out into the country at the weekends, the AMG range offers comfort, luxury and serious performance packaged in the most stylish, alluring wrapping. From the satisfying deep growl as you fire up the engine to the sleek trims, the AMG is a step up in class every driver will appreciate.

LSH Auto Mercedes AMG Range

At LSH Auto, we’re thrilled to have an extensive collection of beautiful Mercedes AMG models. From the classic C-Class and the stunning SLC to the versatile GLS and the robust G-Class, we’re confident we can find a car that will blow you away. Based in the Midlands, we serve an expansive area, stretching from Birmingham to Manchester, and we offer spectacular cars at competitive prices. To appreciate the splendour of the AMG collection, we strongly advise booking a test drive. There’s nothing like the feeling of turning the key, taking the wheel, and experiencing the AMG difference for yourself.

If you’d like to book a test drive, don’t hesitate to contact your local LSH Auto office!

Mercedes AMG

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